Emerald K6 Plus ECU

Emerald K6 Plus ECU

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The K6 Plus ECU is our latest and most advanced ECU to date. As with previous Emerald ECUs the K6 Plus continues to provide class leading features with intuitive and easy to use software combined with future proof upgrade options.

Available in generic of pre-configured. Please make a note of this at the checkout.

K6 Plus ECU specification in Brief:

    • 6 ignition & 6 injection drivers

    •  DBW compatible

    • 3 speed triggers, digital or inductive

    • Air, Coolant & Baro corrections

    • TPS and/or MAP load reference

    • IACV contorl, VTEC & VVT control

    • Boost control & EGT input

    • Wide Band Lambda input with Adaptive mapping

    • Triple map switching.

    • CAN interface. Version 2.0B protocol at up to 1Mbit/sec

K6 Plus Generic ECUs include the following:

    • K6 Plus Generic ECU

    • Serial Comms lead

    • Software CD

  • ECU 36-way connector, inc pins and seals